Virtual Show 2021

Salers Cattle Society of Ireland Virtual Cattle Show 2021 Aim to get the best quality photos possible. Your phone should be in landscape position to take the best quality photo. There is no need to have animals haltered.

Also, please remember personal safety when taking photos.

How to Enter:

1.)          Take one good quality photo of each animal you wish to enter.

2.)          Attach the one photo to an email (Separate email for each animal entered), and in your email give the following information:

a.            Class (see below)

b.            Pedigree Name (If classes 1-6)

c.            Sex

d.            Tag no.

e.            Sire

f.            Dam (If pedigree)

g.            D.O.B.

3.)          Email photos to

4.)          Entry fee: Free

5.)          Closing date for entries is Friday 6th August 2021.

Prize money: 1st €100, 2nd €75, 3rd €50 for each class.

Pedigree Classes

Class 1: Pedigree Salers Cow any age, in calf or with calf at foot. Can send one separate photo of calf and cow (optional).

Class 2: Pedigree Salers Senior Heifer born on or before 31/08/19. 

Class 3: Pedigree Salers Junior Heifer born on/between 01/09/19 and 31/08/20.

Class 4: Pedigree Salers Bull Calf born on or after 01/09/20.

Class 5: Pedigree Salers Heifer Calf born on or after 01/09/20.

Class 6: Pedigree Salers Bull any age.

Commercial / Crossbred Classes (Must be SAX on blue card, ie sired by Salers Bull) Email copy/photo of blue card ONLY for commercial/crossbred entries

Class 7: Salers cross heifer any age

Class 8: Salers cross cow with calf at foot (calf any breed) (Photos here should show both cow and calf & please state breed of sire of calf). Can send one separate photo of calf and cow (optional).

For further information / queries contact Declan Bell on 086 1941485.                               

Winners photos will be displayed on our website and used for media.