Welcome to the membership page. This page contains plenty of useful information regarding Society fees, Registrations, useful forms as well as Salers merchandise available.


All female and male calves (except ET) up to 40 days€50
All female and male calves (except ET) 40 days to 90 days€70
All female and male calves (except ET) 91 days to 180 days€120
Full parentage DNA required after 180 days old.€5
Transfer of ownership€25
Embryo Transplant (ET) Calves up to 40 days€55
Embryo Transplant (ET) Calves 40 days to 90 days€100
Embryo Transplant (ET) Calves 91 days to 180 days€150
Transfer of ownership€25
Registration of embryo (including imported) minimum per animal flushed (up to 10 embryos)€14
Thereafter per embryo€1
Registration of embryo After 3 months- minimum per animal flushed (up to 10 embryos)€30
Thereafter per embryo€2
Annual Subscription- by bankers order (standing order)€45
Annual Subscription- by cheque/cash/postal order€50
Associate members annual subscription€25
Joining Fees and registration of herd letters and prefix€50
Export Certificate€40
Registration of Imported Cattle up to 3 months from date of entry€50
Registration of Imported Cattle 3 – 6 months from date of entry€85
Registration of Imported Cattle after 6 months from date of entry€135
Registration 1st and 2nd cross up to 1 year€15
Registration 1st and 2nd cross over 1 year€40


The Salers Society would like to encourage all pedigree breeders to sign up for ICBF’s Whole Herd Performance Recording (WHPR). Salers have the highest maternal figures of all breeds and in order to add greater reliability to these figures it is imperative that as many pedigree animals are weighed / scored as possible. Details and application forms available from ICBF or Salers Society.