2018 National Hall of Fame Awards

John O’ Malley became interested in Salers Cattle when he heard the words describing them as cattle that thrive on rough grazing, he thought they might suit the rough terrain of Connemara where he farms. In spring of 1999 his first commercial calves were born from AI Salers Bull, all born outside without any problem. The following Autumn he sold his weanlings at the local mart, they had best growth rate of any breed he had used before and got the best price in the mart on the night, from then on, he was hooked on Salers.

He bought his first Salers bull in 2000. In 2002 he went to France to the National Salers show and has been a regular visitor since. He bought his first pedigree heifer from the Brihat herd in France in 2004, which started the Connemara Salers Herd. He bought some pedigree heifers in Ireland and another French heifer from Dauzet France herd in 2006. John organizes the Salers Class at Oughterard Show for many years. He travels regularly to Shows in Balmoral, Royal Highland and Royal Welsh and has shown successfully at shows and sales in Ireland. He has been a council member for many years. His latest interest is to get a Polled Gene into the herd to which the first Homozygous heifer calf was born in 2018, to an imported English polled heifer. John helps out on the Salers stand at the National Ploughing every year. For his dedication to the breed he receives the Hall of Fame award.